Life as a citizen journalist in Malawi can be really exciting, visiting beautiful places and talking to beautiful people. Share this experience with me as I tell stories using words, pictures and videos in a mixed bag of different issues.

An energetic, confident and open-minded Malawian woman, I love to tell stories be it through newspapers or magazine articles, TV programmes, my blog, in the streets, at home or even on my personal Facebook page and Twitter handle. Stories excite me!

I’ve also been understudying a SapiTWA priestess for 20 years. abatwa

As a broadcast journalist I also like to research and present news stories and factual programmes for television, radio and the internet.

I’m currently working on a private project to publish books with the first being about ‘Sapitwa: Where no man goes’ and the second ‘Tracing footsteps to lead me home’.

I will also produce and direct a documentary about Sapitwa and its myths and tales which will include interviews with healers, chiefs and villagers in Mulanje and other districts.

As a journalist I love in-depth analysis and going beyond the news and reporting things never told before in Malawi.  My source of strength is the people and their stories and voices which must be heard.

I see myself as a vessel or messenger through which others especially vulnerable groups can tell their stories. Through this I always try to include the voice of the people when I write including those in the villages whenever I get a chance to.

I like to tell stories never told before!


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m from Arkansas, USA. I find your blog very interesting. I’m looking forward to reading more. I’m an advocate for wrongly convicted ppl in the U.S. My new interest is in Mind Healing and things of that nature. I lean more towards self healing and our spiritual self compared to medicines and medical Dr’s. So far it’s just my own thoughts on the matter but am always searching info on subjects of interest.

  2. So enjoy your topics. Im always looking for info and new stories to read that talk about things a little deeper than most . Always intrigued with cultural beliefs and area myths and history.Always looking for spiritual experiences of others. Always searching for stories that may relate to my own hidden feelings and experiences, Which ,here in my country are not believed in as much. Your blog is now one of my favorite.

  3. I’m so happy I found your blog. I’m Malawian but have lived away from home since I was two (we visit every few years) and I’ve really missed being able to explore our history and culture. Your site has given me a new love and perspective of Malawi and reminded me how incredibly beautiful and rich our culture is. Thank you so much ❤ I look forward to seeing your future projects!

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Behind colourful masks: Telling stories through words, pictures and videos….traveling with me back to ancient times

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