Of hatred against Ancient Nyasaland’s Abathwa (Bushmen) and Abatwa (Pygmies) as original Sapitwa healers

Ray of light 7

She stares at Mulanje Mountain daydreaming of ancient times when it was home to those believed to be born of the spirit with no pollution and modern day diseases.

It was a time when humanity lived much closer in touch with Mother Nature and the same earth and soil rewarded them for their loyalty.

Fast forward to when the world started changing….the ancient shrines disappeared as new ways were embraced but very chosen few still preserve that ancient oral history which is being told publicly with permission.

The elders did not like the child chosen to be a genuine trained sing’anga and created by Abathwa (Bushmen) by those who felt they were superior are words quoted from a Sapitwa oral myth shared with this blog only in relation to the land and forest reserves of ancient Malawi before the colonial borders.

It was a time when the Abathwa and Abatwa spirits whom the West call gods also disagreed and clashed with twin brothers from each side deciding to go their own way in such myths and tales.

However, they eventually reunited and started working together.

The Abathwa (Bushman) spirit’s Chinyanja name was Pita Chinsinsi with slanted eyes and yellowish skin while the Abatwa (Pygmy) one was his twin darker brother but both have many other names in different languages.

It’s because of this that some descendants of the Abathwa ask if people don’t know women in ancient history who were puzzled when they found themselves pregnant but lost their adult children to murderers who spilled innocent blood because of hatred and competition?

“Every human being has a mother who gave birth to them including those who are innocent of any crime but prosecuted daily for being genuine traditional healers (asing’anga) who struggle to make ends meet in life. Rock water

The Abathwa (Bushmen) and Abatwa (Pygmies) of ancient Malawi were great ancient healers who lost their land and did nothing wrong to be labelled evil because of herbs and neither did those they chose to show their ways says a descendant healer of ancient Malawi’s Abathwa/Abatwa who intermarried so go unrecognized in their own country.

The Abathwa and Abatwa have also been replaced with the very able dwarfs found globally among all races unlike the Bushmen and Pygmies only found in Africa and among blacks.

It’s because of these two ancient groups that healers who knew the ways of the Abathwa and Abatwa were for centuries viewed as the genuine ones but that is history gone forever says a Sapitwa priestess.

It has been replaced with ridicule and insult against all that ancient Sapitwa represented by the new owners.


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