Take This Metaphor and Shove It: The Malawian Way

Since I’m still failing to update my blog with graphic details concerning ancient Malawi secrets, let me share this masterpiece and funny blog.


“Whoever doesn’t want” or “Amene Sakufuna”

In life, one has to be very selective about what they give a damn about and Malawians have a very interesting way of expressing moments where they don’t give a damn. It’s not a surprise that figurative language is used to do so since Malawi is a country that loves proverbs, riddles and wise sayings.


In my post titled, “Malawi is High,” I mentioned that Malawian speech is full of figurative language that encourages one to think deeply about words or ideas but this is not the only purpose. Malawians discovered something far more exciting. They discovered a way to merge sarcasm, humor and metaphors with hyperboles!

Hyperbole: exaggerated expressions, usually used for emphasis. Famous among singers and examples include words like: “I will catch a grenade for you,” “I will cross the ocean for you” sometimes used in everyday language: “I…

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