Of ancient Malawi’s Aaron serpent rod and return of stolen goods…Sapitwa


This is a finger drawing of Napolo said through ancient “words” including the earth, Sapitwa cross and Sirius

It is a windy and cold day when the mythical 4 winds of Sapitwa (mphepo zinayi) wail moving huge rocks in a hidden place to the North, South, West and East to form the ancient Malawi cross symbol with an upright serpent in the middle known as Napolo.

Napolo, scientifically known as landslides is said to move in a straight path like a tractor removing everything in its path.  It’s said to begin with bubble like foam in a certain spot of mountains or hills.

A spirit (mizimu) appearing like a child appears and writes on the ground with the finger that the world is round and what goes around comes around and with the power of the bright star in the East also known as Sirius,  all stolen goods will be returned to the rightful owners with the power of the mystical 4 winds.

Symbol representing the 4 winds of Sapitwa of North, South, West and East like a Compass

This is an oral story documented for the first time about the ancient Rock today known as Mulanje Mountain which was believed to have a mythical side which was home to a spirit royal family.

The ancient spirit family of two male forces and a female including the Hidden One is said to be in a mythical place where various treasures of ancient Malawi are hidden.

For unknown reasons there are several cultures in Africa who believe mountains are sacred and home to spirits or ghosts and also a place where lost treasures including gold are hidden.

There is currently an oracle saying all stolen treasures of Africa will be returned because the spirits are angry (mizimu yakwiya) so this blog is monitoring cautiously to see how and when such a thing could happen so as not to offend the orators.

Now when the Hidden One of the ancient sacred Sapitwa rock now called Mulanje Mountain but the mythical side pointed his kandalanga two edged sword to the East it would spell trouble in the form of Thunder and Lightning go some oral tales told by a Sapitwa healer.

The kandalanga also used by ancient Malawi’s Mbona is also known as tangala.

When pointed to the North it would signal heavy rains, while the South was showers, the West darkness and the East, light and all that was pure.

In the middle of the 4 winds was also a rod locally known as Ndodo which healers attribute to Aroni (Aaron). It’s not known if the rod was similar to the one of ancient Egypt but some local healers here refer to it as Misa but pronounced like Mizer or Miser…..this blog is trying to establish if they mean Misr or Mizr or something else.

In ancient times powerful kings were said to somehow swallow such a rod with powers this blog has not yet established and it’s power would somehow be inside their bodies giving them strength. This blog is still trying to establish were else such beliefs existed and how a rod is swallowed.

Rod of ancient Egypt taken from http://www.ancientegyptonline.co.uk/royalemblems.html

There was also the Knot of Nyangu which involved tying material in a knot to hide what is locally known as chitumwa (small pillows) and only the front shown as part of magic (matsenga) practices.

The same cloth is said to be used by some women today as reusable sanitary pads.

That is why many Malawians advice women to always dispose well of sanitary pads or hide reusable clothes because they can be illegally used by magicians or even sorcerers.

The ancestors of this land also believed in a sea monster known as Tapalia but to date this blog does not know its meaning or if it’s connected to Tilapia which is locally known as the Lake Malawi chambo fish.

This monster was said to be the source of power of some ancient chiefs and only winged spirit children and the rod could destroy it by hitting the ground and reciting certain words to leave the targeted person naked (maliseche) which locally means exposing a nyanga (horns) person for what they are and hence diluting their powers so go some oral stories.

Such people would also change from the Light to Dark and if they had a stolen sacred Sapitwa rock it would change it’s clolour from black to white to mean the underworld.

Nyanga is usually associated with a narrow necked African kettle gourd known as Nsupa which requires blood magically sourced at least once for 10 years in their evil kukhwima rituals.

Now of the 4 winds were four positive male force winged spirits known as Tomasi Bona, Tagoneka Mbona, Chandiona Goneka and Nthanda mwana wa Mwezi.

Knot of Nyangu

And their meanings?:

Tomasi Bona                     = the whole world in the hands/feast

Tagoneka Mbona               = Like put to sleep

Chandiona Gonekela           = It’s seen me, put to sleep

Nthanda (Nandi) mwana wa mwezi  = Sirius star like in nthanda yaku m’mawa African cross and child of the moon

Now these four would work hand in hand with the three negative charged female winged spirits of Sungamwana (keep the child), Dziwe Ntambamwana (pool of curses) and Ife Zonse (All of us).

Another known as the wandering spirit is  Mbewula of the ancient Malawi Tree of Life known as M’manga Mudzi anthill tree. Other spirits locally known as mizimu are associated with other different anthill trees.

One of the very rare ancient M'manga Mudzi anthill trees in Malawi.
One of the very rare ancient M’manga Mudzi anthill trees in Malawi.

As for kings or chiefs (mafumu) of this ancient beautiful Malawi land they are believed to have become ‘spirits’ whom others refer to as ‘gods’.  These are:









Mwala wa Nkhalamba 


May all the souls of the ancestors of this precious and beautiful land called Malawi continue their peaceful sleep.


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