Watch L.A. News Anchors Freak Out When an Earthquake Strikes


We all revel in Los Angeles-based reporters’ apocalyptic on-air reactions whenever it rains or the weather drops below 70 degrees, but that’s nothing when compared to what happened when actual natural disasters strike. KTLA reporter Chris Schauble had the absolute best facial reaction to a mild 4.4 earthquake that hit LA Monday morning.

In case you need to see it again:

los ángeles earthquake face

KTLA is already embracing the meme:

And Schauble, who has won Emmys for his reporting, already made it his Twitter profile picture:

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Asteroid 2003 QQ47 Projected To Strike Earth March 26, 2014

Thought Nasa ruled out Asteroid 2003 QQ47’s potential earth impact in 2014? So what is this?


As Asteroid 2014 EC comes too close for comfort today less than 48,000 miles to our earth at 3pm-est (March 06, 2014), the asteroid was discovered less than 24 hours. Another larger and more dangerous Asteroid 2003 QQ47 was predicated to have a more kinetic impact with our earth.

Back in 2003 when Asteroid 2003 QQ47 was first discovered scientists projected that this giant doomsday asteroid would strike the earth with the force of 20 million Hiroshima atomic bombs. There was plenty of talk about this asteroid back then.

March 26, 2014, (March 21, 2014 the original date of impact) Asteroid 2003 QQ47 will be in our solar system’s orbit at about 49.9 million LD. What was the situation that had scientists believing this was a dangerous event, and then to change the warning sent out from a threat to a non-threat about this asteroid.

NASA did some…

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